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Delta RMC Motion Controller family provides best in class closed-loop control for up to 50 Axis. Seamlessly transition between position, velocity and pressure / force control. Program, tune, plot and diagnose performance using Delta’s powerful RMC Tools Software, free 24/7 Tech Support.

Temposonics R-Series V position sensors provide next generation position and level measurement with extreme accuracy even in dynamic applications. Absolute non-contacting multi position measurement with a wide range of sensors in strokes up to 300 inches. Accuracy down to 0.1um and the T-Series for Hazardous explosion proof rate applications.

Moog are an industrial valve leader with over 60 years of experience in the toughest application. Products include Servo and proportional hydraulic valves with electrical or mechanical feedback, integrated or off-board drivers, with zone rated valves for hazardous locations

Exlar’s roller screw technology delivers higher force in smaller package, with higher dynamic load ratings and speeds than traditional ball-screws. Products range from stand-alone high-speed/high force actuator to fully integrated Tritex motor/drive/controller package.

Hydraforce offers the most comprehensive range of hydraulic cartridge valves for mobile and industrial markets. Cartridge valves and manifolds reduce leakage by internalizing connections, simplify troubleshooting and maintenance. Free iDesign software for circuit & manifold design

Hydac are a global leader in fluid filtrations, as well as accumulators, pressure, temperature and flow sensors, coolers cartridge valves and field diagnostic equipment.

Tolomatic offer a wide range of ball and roller screw actuators with forces up to 50,000lbf. With options for food and beverage (Stainless steel, IP69K) stand along, integrated actuator motor and all in one smart drives with motor, controller and EtherNet onboard. Free online sizing software.

Ross Controls offer a full line safety products for pneumatic energy isolation (LOTO) and control reliable double valves for the metal forming industry for clutch/brake applications and the general manufacturing sector for decades. Their poppet valves are proven in unforgiving environments, and ensure high speed, repeatability and high shifting forces over the life of the valves

STOBER manufacture synchronous servomotors, helical bevel and planetary gearboxes, rack and pinion drives with USDA certification and ratings up to IP 69K

TR Electronics –offer a full range of rotary absolute and incremental encoders, laser distance measurements, string pots and much more. Options for SIL rated safety encoders

Kyntronics manufacture electrical hydraulic actuators as a standalone system. They incorporate a servomotor, pump, valves and reservoir into a sealed integrated self-contained package, with modularity, high force density of hydraulic systems.

Macron Dynamics produces modular linear belt drive actuators, gantry and robot systems, capable of high speeds, forces and repeatable motion, spans up to 500ft, forces to 11,000lbf and speeds to 50 ft/sec

Royal Cylinders manufacture complete line of standard and custom hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for every application, suitable for use with Temposonics position cylinder, and can come complete with valve manifold and tube runs for our Moog Servo or Proportional valves.

Heavy Duty Molded, Probe, Valve and Encoder cables, flexible, non prone to cracking, oil resistant. Standard lengths from 5ft to 100ft available for Temposonic Position sensors, Moog Servo and Proportional valves, and encoders.